During this time of year, I feel the urge to purge.  Do you?  I tidy up my desk and all surfaces, clean out drawers and cabinets, clear out files – physical and electronic.  I select books, office supplies and other useful items to donate to good causes.

Between now and the start of the New Year, any time, really, if you get the urge to purge, go for it.  De-cluttering your workspace, or any space in your life, can help you feel more in control and peaceful.  It’s a move in favor of order, clarity, harmony and balance.  

Once your space is spic and span, a simple, daily ritual can help you keep it that way.  For example, make it a practice to put things away when you’re finished with them. That quick and easy action will keep your workspace clutter-free. 

I wish you only the best in 2019 as you clear out the old and make room for the new!