Imposter Syndrome — that feeling that you don’t belong or aren’t qualified – is heightened for women and people of color.  The New York Times’ Working Women’s Handbook says it disproportionately affects anyone who feels the pressure of accomplishing “firsts.”

The handbook offers four ways to combat Imposter Syndrome.  

  • Make a list of 10 things that show you’re just as qualified as others. If that’s a struggle, ask yourself what evidence exists that you’re less qualified.  
  • Say your name aloud, coupled witha positive affirmation.  Do so regularly.  It can have a powerful effect on how you perceive yourself.
  • Own your accomplishments. Women and people of color tend to explain away their success, attributing it to good luck or help from others. Instead, practice saying out loud: “I’ve accomplished a lot and I’m proud of myself.”  
  • Visualize success.  See yourself navigating your situation and winning.