Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?  Do you struggle to make big decisions because the unknown scares you or deciding now feels like too big a commitment?  Here are 3 ways New York Times contributor Susan Shain says you can spend less time agonizing and more time enjoying.

  • Go for Good Enough. Today, we’re assaulted with endless options.  You can forget what you wanted in the first place.  Good enough means choosing in accordance with your original goal.  
  • Use the “90 percent rule.”  When yes-no decisions have lots of pros and cons, evaluate on a scale of one to a hundred. If you land anywhere near 90 percent, the answer is “Yes!”  If it’s not a definite yes, then it’s a no.
  • Use thought experiments. For example, if you’re having doubts, fast-forward in your mind two months — past all the short-term angst and discomfort change brings about. Then decide if you’re happy with the future you envision your decision would create.