Tricks That May Put More Hours Into Your Day

Overwhelming to-do lists are pretty common these days. There are lots suggested techniques for getting more done. These three, which I found in a article by Andrew Reiffenberger, are innovative.

  • Put your cellphone in airplane mode when at your desk. This will reduce distraction from the constant interruptions of email deliveries. Airplane mode is perfect when you need extended concentration time.
  • Plan when you’ll stop work for the day. If you work better under pressure, this little trick will help you become more efficient. Limiting your time, rather than working without a hard deadline, will cut down the amount of time you waste on less important tasks.
  • Try the Pomodoro Technique. Work in 25-minute bursts with 5-minute breaks in between, and a 15-minute break after four rounds. The breaks will boost your concentration. If a 25 minutes work session is too short, experiment with longer work periods or shorter breaks.

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