Since Baby Boomers began their careers, expectations have changed dramatically. Most companies no longer expect Boomers — or members of any other generation, for that matter — to stay for the full span of their work lives. The idea of loyalty to one company for the rest of your life is no longer the standard.

So, if you’re a Boomer who is wondering what might be next, Kiplinger contributor Neale Godfrey points to two ways you can take matters into your hands.

  • One: gain marketable skills by going back to school to get training in areas that will make you attractive to other employers.
  • Two: go into business for yourself. Take advantage of the knowledge and relationships you’ve accumulated and go out on your own. Godfrey references a Freshbooks study that says 60% of the 50 to 65-year-old self-employed people they surveyed said being self-employed makes them want to work even longer.