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Many times, a simple shift, consistently implemented, can make a world of difference.

So, instead of feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought of resolutions and goals, this year, choose one simple change you care about and are willing to make.  Search yourself and opt for something that’s important to you…maybe it’s to more regularly say, “Thank you,” to customers and colleagues, to turn off electronics during conversations, or to ask one good question or share an idea at every meeting.  Or maybe it’s a personal goal to walk 15 minutes a day, or spend 30 uninterrupted minutes with your children daily.

Whatever your resolution or goal, keep it simple and make sure it’s something that truly matters to you.  When you choose what’s important to you, you’re more likely to follow through.  A single change can transform the results you create.

Another way to make 2015 your best year yet – practice seeing the people and situations in your life with fresh eyes.  See them with eyes that view others as allies supporting your growth – eyes that see situations as opportunities to evolve and expand.

Each obstacle, high hurdle, hurtful relationship, impossible situation and daunting task is an opportunity to let go of resistance to change and see the person or circumstance with fresh perspective.  Consciously choose to honor all sides of the story, flex and stretch in new ways, become more creative so that real solutions to annoyances, hardships and dilemmas can be discovered.

Holding on to resistance can sometimes feel like a position of strength, one of self-righteous sacrifice.  But in reality, it uses mental and emotional energy that can be better used to move you toward positive outcomes and desired goals.  Learn to recognize when letting go is the better choice.

The next time you feel challenged, ask yourself, “What’s another way of seeing this?  What is this person or situation here to help me learn?”  The tough spots in your life are inviting you to be your best you yet. Step forward and say yes to the call.

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