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The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on where you are in your life, professionally and personally, and look ahead to what you will create, going forward.

Here are several questions to guide your reflection process.  Think about your answers to each question, and journal about them.  Writing down your thoughts will enable you to access even deeper insights.

  1. What were the best parts of 2014 for you?
  2. Large or small, what did you accomplish, or contribute to, that you feel good about?
  3. As you look ahead to 2015, what is one thing you will stop doing or let go of that will enable you to be:
    •  More positive and energetic?
    •  More personally powerful and productive?
  4. What new experience will you give yourself in the year ahead?

If you value setting resolutions, but need a little help staying on track, this an excellent time to dig deep and determine what’s behind the difficulty you have achieving your annually-set goals.  Maybe your heart and head aren’t aligned, and the struggle between the two results in stagnation. Lasting change comes when your physical, emotional and intellectual energy work in concert.  Where heart and head are in agreement, that’s where true commitment lies.  That’s when change comes more easily and naturally.

Answering the four questions truthfully and from your heart will help you create the change you want to see.

I wish you nothing but the best as we launch into a new year.  Make 2015 the year you live with a SPIRIT OF PURPOSE.


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