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Many leaders labor under LIES (labels, illusions, excuses and stories) that limit their effectiveness.  One of which is the illusion that you’re either born with executive presence or you’re out of luck.

In truth, executive presence can be developed and refined.  Here’s a list of key elements that make up others perception of people with executive presence.  Identify which are your current strengths and, select one element for stretch, growth and improvement.

  • Compelling communicator
  • Technically competent
  • Passionate, purposeful and inspirational
  • Strategic, systemic thinker
  • Well-mannered, well-bounded
  • Manages relationships well
  • Firm, fair, with high integrity
  • Appealing self-presentation
  • Self-aware and CONFIDENT

To exude personal power and executive presence, insure that your spoken and unspoken messages are congruent.  Nonverbal behavior is powerful, so be aware of the story your body tells!  Here’s how:

  • First, breathe deeply, in a relaxed manner.  You’ll feel and look calm and in control.
  • Practice your posture in the mirror.  Stand erect, shoulders back, feet planted firmly so that you look solid, stable and grounded.
  • Make eye contact as you speak, lingering for 3 to 5 seconds with each person as you make a point or speak a phrase.  Then move to another.
  • Speak at a volume that’s loud enough for the person furthest away to hear you clearly and easily.
  • Pace your delivery so that each word is distinct and fully enunciated.  No rushing.  Deep breathing will help moderate pace.

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