Within 30 days, we’ll be half way through 2011.  That being so, today seems like a good time to initiate a mid-year progress check.

Relative to your 2011 plans and resolutions:

  • What are your 2011 goals?
  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • What do you feel pleased about/proud of?What have been your disappointments or setbacks, if any?
  • What else is needed to make progress with your goals?
  • What course-correction is required?
  • What more do you want to accomplish in the remaining six months?

Today, take some time to reflect on your 2011 journey to date. Give attention to the road you’ve travelled this year and affirm all you’ve done to serve your sense of purpose and to support the success of others.

Whatever the quality of your year so far, focus on what you’ve learned, the ways in which you’ve stretched and grown, the joy you’ve felt, and the love and compassion you’ve shared. Make a list of everything – large and small – that comes to mind. Then, review your list with a sense of self-appreciation and gratitude for all that you’ve embodied, embraced, accomplished or contributed to.

Sit silently for a moment and send appreciative thoughts to those who’ve played a role in making your 2011 as good as it has been thus far – whether the first half of your year has been filled with sparkling achievements, warm connection, or constant challenges and struggles.

Into the remainder of the year, carry forward all that helps you feel strong and clear about who you really are and what your unique purpose or calling is. Claim all that will help you live true to the call of your Spirit and sense of Purpose.

Remember, the best resolutions – the ones we’re most likely to fulfill AND feel full-filled by – are the ones our hearts and minds say, “Yes,” to…the ones that strengthen our connection to Spirit and our particular Purpose. Reflect before you resolve to act. Get your head and heart aligned and working in service to your Spirit of Purpose.

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