When you’re called on to give a presentation, here’s a simple tip that will make it memorable and meaningful for your audience. Tell stories. Instead of droning on about facts and figures, with slick slides tell a relevant story.

When preparing for your next presentation, keep etiquette expert Barbara Pachter’s tips in mind.

  • Use your own experiences to reinforce the point you’re making. Or site an article, book or website that proves your point.
  • Keep a story file. Write down enough detail so you’ll remember what happened. Then, file it away for future use.
  • Prepare the stories as you’re preparing your presentation.
  • Carefully think through whether using names is appropriate.
  • Always avoid belittling anyone or misstating the truth.
  • Be sensitive and respectful about the use of humor.
  • Finally, practice out loud to make sure your story flows.
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