Office Sexual Harrassment

The level of trust in your organization impacts the bottom line.  When trust is low, so is morale and workplace satisfaction.  Disengaged employees quit working, but keep showing up at the office.  Turnover among the most capable and competent workers increases.  Productivity decreases.  Redundancy, held in place by bureaucratic silos, saps vitality and strengthens the potential for toxic behaviors like fraud and favoritism.

In organizations where trust is high, you’ll find growth stimulated by creativity, innovation, risk-taking and learning among employees at all levels, across the enterprise.  You’ll notice higher levels of collaboration, a real commitment to partnership and win-win solutions, more effective execution of business strategy and heightened loyalty to the company for the right reasons.

Where is your organization along the trust continuum?  Are you a manager your team trusts or is that something that isn’t viewed as important in your workplace?  Acknowledged or not, it’s affecting your bottom line.  Trust is a critical component of high performing teams.

  • If you’re questioning the level of trust on your team, here’s checklist you can use to make an informal assessment:
  •  Is information shared openly?
  • Are mistakes tolerated and encouraged as a way of learning?
  • Does the culture spark creativity and innovation?
  • Are team members loyal enough to not speak negatively about others when they’re not present?
  • Is straight-talk a practice?
  • Are open communication, transparency, collaboration and partnership unquestionable norms?
  • Is credit shared, contributions acknowledged?
  • Does the team address the real issues in the meeting, versus during meetings after the meeting?
  • Do people hold themselves and others accountable?

This checklist can provide a window into the levels of trust on your team. “If you want to boost trust in your relationships, it can be as simple as keeping your word and only promising what you intend to deliver.”


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