How many times a day are you asked, “How are you?” What’s your reply? For most of us, it’s, “Fine. Good. Ok. Pretty good.”

What if you considered the standard greeting, “How are you,” an opportunity to initiate contact and start a dialogue? Would you then consider responding in a way that’s novel, yet sincere?

For example, you could reply, “Great! Fantastic!  Wonderful.  Feeling bold.  Brilliant.  Joyful.  Charged up.  Ready for anything!  Happy.  Lucky.  Fortunate.  At peace.” Consider experimenting with the idea.

When you choose to use an original response, you’ll stand out. More likely than not, people will take notice and follow-up with interest. There’s your door opener — a doorway to conversation that could create connection — connections that can smooth the path to better relationships and access to opportunities.