Generation Z, people ages 17 to 25, have begun entering the workforce.  Is your company ready for how they perceive their role in the workplace?  The Society of Human Resource Management provides this little peek inside the minds of Gen Z.

Nearly one-third of these young women and men see themselves as the hardest working generation.  At the same time, they don’t like being forced to work when they don’t want to. They were raised during the “Great Recession” and saw parents and friends suffer.  To help make ends meet, many were forced to get jobs earlier than Millennials.

Yet, many fear they’ve not been adequately prepared for the workplace. They feel they lack negotiation, networking and conflict resolution skills. They’re not comfortable speaking in front of crowds.  On the positive side, they say they’re prompt, work well in teams, hit deadlines, are good with customers, and benefit from working with a supportive manager.