In the last Lies that Limit™ Blog, we looked at ways to forgive the past and move closer to a fulfilling life. These blogs were inspired by Black History Month, but breaking free of these lies that limit™ can help anyone — no matter your race, age or gender live and lead with a Spirit of Purpose.

The LIE: People who don’t look like me won’t understand or accept me.

The TRUTH: Diversify your network and you’ll attract supportive relationships and effective alliances.

• Go to lunch or have coffee with someone who seems very different from you. Intentionally look for some way in which you’re similar — find something you have in common. This will help you get past biases and limited thinking.

• Make it a practice to initiate conversation with strangers — don’t wait for them to initiate. Find out what they do, what their interests are. Discover the connections you share and build on that. You need relationships to move ahead. Develop relationships that will help you move ahead rather than working hard alone.

The final LIE: I need to “Set them straight!”

Please share your feedback and the lessons you’ve learned that have helped you live and lead with a Spirit of Purpose.

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