One thing we all have in common is that at some point, we will face obstacles. We will be tempted to turn back, negating the progress we’ve made. Yet, within each of us is the capacity to persevere. We, each of us, find that strength in different ways and places. contributor John Addison wrote about the transformative impact of reading biographies about accomplished people. He says it reminds him that great people also suffer self-doubt. They struggle and want to quit. But they find a way to stay the course and reach their goal.

How each of us perseveres and finds our way is as unique. Some people look for motivation from others’ accomplishments. Some dig deep within to face down opposition or self-doubt. Some people respond to knowing others are counting on them. The important thing is to know what inspires you to push ahead. Once you have that answer, call on it whenever you need an extra boost.