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Abraham Maslow’s approach to psychology was unique.  He studied people who were psychologically healthy, living and performing at their peak.  He called them self-actualizers.  See how many strengths of self-actualized people you possess:

Live in the present moment, the now, not the past or future.  Self and other accepting.  Spontaneous.  Creative problem solvers.  Handle ambiguity without anxiety.  Autonomous and independent.  Accept the power of personal choice.  See beyond limitations of culture and cultural identity.  Easily identify with and appreciate the full range of humankind.  Values and attitudes demonstrate respect for others.  Have a holistic view of life and consider the ends and the means. Humor is absent hostility. Thrive by transcending circumstances and dichotomies.  Find and trust their inner voice and intuition.  View all of life as sacred.  Have no fear of greatness.

The more of these capacities you possess, or develop, the stronger your psychological health.  Healthy minds and emotions are a central criteria for effective leaders.


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