Even the Best Team Members Benefit from Basic Skills Training

Some leaders believe that because they manage their time well and prioritize with ease that doing so comes naturally to everyone. For these managers, any employee who procrastinates, misses deadlines or is disorganized is a source of frustration.

Leaders have a responsibility for developing employees, who more likely than not, need to improve some aspect of their basic work skills. Job descriptions that seek candidates who are “self-motivated,” “deadline driven” or “can work independently,” may lead employers to think basic skills training is not necessary. But, on-the-job training will always be an essential component of everyone’s career path.

Commit to helping employees address their deficiencies. Invest in online or in-person training. Recommend a tried and true time management book. Providing simple tools that help workers break complex tasks into smaller steps may turn a struggling employee into a solid contributor.

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