How To Move Forward With Emotionally Intelligence

When a project you’ve made a significant investment in goes south because you misread the direction of the market, or your plan was poorly executed, can you check your ego at the door? Or do you waste time and energy trying to cover up missteps or attempting to prove you’re right?

Letting your ego run the show can result in a number of issues. Not the least of which is time wasted that is better spent turning things around or moving on to the next opportunities. From time to time, I’m called to be the voice of reason for my clients when they hit this kind of wall.

My advice to them? Decompress and reach out for help. Get advice from the boss, competent colleagues, mentors, coaches or external specialists. Respond to their questions honestly, without spin or face-saving maneuvers. Listen carefully to their assessments and recommendations. They’re likely to see things you may be blind to – things that will help you chart a new course to success.