What Today’s Interviewers Want to Hear

Whether you’re a recent or soon-to-be graduate who is about to start job hunting, or a seasoned career person looking to make a change, according to Forbes.com, here’s what the people conducting interviews say raise red flags. And, listen for my tips on how to lower those flags.

The candidate knows nothing about their company.

Tip: Before you walk in the door, learn what the company does, to whom it sells its products and services, how old and how large the company is and where it does business. Visit their website, read online press releases or search the Internet for news about their latest initiatives.

Red flags go up when you don’t ask questions.

Tip: be prepared to ask about anything except benefits and perks. Be sure to inquire about the actual work you’d be doing and company culture. And, make your answer questions specific. Provide behavior-based explanations of your relevant professional experience and career choices.

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