recently spoke to CEO’s who’ve done thousands of interviews about the things that catch their attention when meeting with job candidates. Here are a few of them.

  • How you greet them and how you leave them.  Does your body language convey confidence and charisma?  Does your style of engaging indicate you can work successfully in a team environment and rise through the ranks?   
  • How passionate you are.  Are you so ignited by something that you’re willing to work hard for it?  
  • How self-aware and flexible you are.  Are you in touch with your own strengths and challenges? Do you convey resilience and adaptability?
  • How respectful you are.  Were you on time and fully prepared?  
  • How comfortable you are.  Do you appear strong yet humble or do you come off as arrogant?  
  • How specific you are.  Do you describe projects in ways that show you were involved and able to motivate others?