Are you a leader who struggles to see the value of building relationships with your team?  Do you see the personal stuff as a distraction? Harvard Business Review says this is a recipe for high turnover and lower productivity.  They offer five ways to adjust your management style.

  • Get Feedback. Ask key stakeholders to rate your focus on tasks versus people on a scale of zero to ten. Or work with an executive coach to gather this kind of insight.  
  • Identify high-value ways to focus on people. The feedback you get may point to a need to eliminate distractions during conversations, or talk about career development with your team.
  • Engage in self-observation and reflection.  Become more aware of times when you’re becoming impatient or moving too fast. Explore what’s lies beneath that tendency.  
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs.  Ask others how they create the balance you seek.  
  • Practice self-management.Use greater self-awareness to pause and choose a different approach.