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Recently, I read that most of us check email 37 times per day…37 times!  I was shocked.  That accounts for 37 daily interruptions…37 times when you stop reading, writing, talking, listening, thinking, analyzing, planning, studying.

Take stock of your email checking habits.  If you’re among those who allow email to regularly interrupt your focus and flow, you may be your biggest hindrance to improved productivity.

Every time you stop what you’re doing to see who that Email is from, you lose some degree of focus, which means it takes a few seconds to fully reconnect with the task at hand.

Try this experiment…even if it scares you a bit:  check your email 4 times a day, NOT 37.  Check it first thing in the morning, around lunchtime, mid afternoon and just before you wrap up your day.  I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a boost in concentration, productivity, and once you get over your withdrawal symptoms, more peace of mind.

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