Wishing someone at work would say, “I noticed what you did. Thank You. Good job!” Such needs are real and are borne out of frustration and benign neglect. We look up to leadership, expecting them to validate our presence and good performance. We hope team members we’ve helped or whose mistakes we corrected would say, “Thanks.”

Certainly it’s gratifying when others acknowledge our contribution, but do you acknowledge those around you? Just as you’re looking at others for affirmation and appreciation, others may be looking to you for the very same thing. Take time to mindfully and generously offer it. As a matter of fact, I recommend making it a daily habit.

Every day, find someone to say, “Thank you,” to.  Someone whose idea you can compliment or who’s help you appreciate. Validate the good you see in others. If you set an example by demonstrating what you value, you just might infect others with your positivity and gratitude.