A recent Forbes article took a fresh look at what it takes to be an inspiring leader.  The six qualities described go beyond charisma and give proof that successful leadership not a one-size-fits-all equation.

Do you possess the qualities that make others want to follow you?

Inspiring LeadersAre you a visionary – someone who provides a clear picture of the future and communicates it well?   Are you enhancing – one who creates positive one-on-one and team relationships by listening and connecting emotionally?  Are you a driver?  Do you display focused pursuit to make your numbers, complete things on time and are you generally accountable for your’s and your team’s performance?  Are you principled – a powerful role model for doing things the right way?  Enthusiastic – do you exude passion and energy.  And finally, are you an expert with strong and deep technical skills?

Inspiring leadership is increasingly important as evidenced by a Gallup report that says 70 percent of the U.S. workforce admits to being disengaged.  Some experts blame the problem in part on managers who are not cut out for the job of managing people.

If you’re currently in a leadership role, becoming aware of and deliberately calling on these leadership qualities will trickle through your team and the organization.  If you’re responsible for hiring or promoting managers, beware of using the promotion as a reward for unrelated performance.  Managing people is a valuable skill set on it’s own.

The wrong manager can sink morale, drive away valuable talent and cost the company a great deal of money.  The hidden expenses associated with hiring and training, along with productive time lost will find its way to your company’s bottom line.

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