At the beginning of your next meeting, take notice of yourself and others.  Do you or your colleagues enter harried, burdened, rushing, sharing exasperation about how poorly the day is going as you recount details of unusually heavy traffic, subway issues, an incredibly long line at the coffee shop, or frustrations with technology and the lack of competent help.  Just sit back and notice.

Then, take a long slow breath and turn your attention to what is going well.  Notice how most things in your life work – much of it without you intervening.  Think about the breath you just took, the heart beating in your chest. Remind yourself of the fact that your commute was safe and that you have the resources to buy that caramel-laced latte.

As we enter the season of thanks-giving, focus on what works in your world.   If you catch yourself joining the chorus of all the problems of the day, shift your focus to all that is good in your life.  You’ll feel better.