Christmas late busy business woman running against time

In a recent Inc. article titled, “Make the Rest of 2013 More Successful,” Kevin Daum suggests you:

  1. Trim the fat and focus on your 2 to 3 most important goals.
  2. Step back from the fray of your day-to-day.  Assess, think and make a solid plan.
  3. Make sure your plan is well structured with specific milestones and action steps.  Review it daily.
  4. Motivate yourself with the promise of a juicy reward for hitting the targets.
  5. Get help from an expert, or a push from enthusiastic supporters.

Amp up your energy and focus to finish strong.  Your well-deserved sense of accomplishment will boost your ability to sail into 2014 with an even more positive, I-can-do-it spirit.

Click here for the entire Inc. article.

For more on making the best of the rest of 2013, check out this Office Talk article on digging deep to finish the year strong.



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