How we go about achieving our goals can be as unique as each of us.  That’s why its important to avoid quick-fix solutions.  There are many right ways – not just one.  Figuring out your “right way” is what matters.  

First, understand what you want to achieve, why and what your unique process looks like.  Dig into your past for hints about what motivates you.  In which projects did you immerse yourself?  What felt good about the process?  Why was it successful?  What compelled you to keep going?  

Are you a list person?  Does it feel good to cross things off as you complete them?  Or do you meander through projects without a preset plan, but still get to your goal?  If so, that’s okay.

It’s also okay to look for examples of how others get things done.  Try out their processes and see if they work for you.  But always remember, seldom are there quick fixes to achieving big goals.  Things worth achieving take time, energy, practice and self-discipline.