Are you feeling stuck, stale and unsatisfied in your job? First, examine your thinking to see if an attitude adjustment is needed. After all, a job is like any relationship. If you do the same thing, in the same way for too long, boredom sets in. Before your performance slips and people start to notice, either look for ways to rekindle interest in your work, or begin your search for a new relationship, with another employer.

If you decide to enter the job market, update your resume to include all your current experience, training and volunteer work. Because you’re best served to tailor your resume to the specific role and industry to which you’re applying, develop a few versions, each suitable for helping you gain the attention of interviewers. Make sure it’s well written, attractively laid out, easy to read and looks clean, crisp, professional.   If you decide to not hire an expert to help you develop your resume, be sure to do a web search and review samples related to your industry of interest and skill level.

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