Research Shows That These Leadership Skills Work

Great leaders create a culture in which success thrives. contributor Marcel Schwantes recently shared the results of research that points to six behaviors that keep leaders from failing.

Schwantes contends that leaders will not fail if:

  • They display authenticity – they’re transparent, self-aware, open to input from others and act with integrity.
  • They will not fail if they value others…believe in, trust and respect their people, put others first and listen without judgment.
  • They will not fail if they develop people through learning and growth opportunities, are encouraging and are models in this area.
  • They won’t fail if they provide leadership — which means envisioning the future, taking initiative and clarifying goals and expectations.
  • They won’t fail if they share leadership by sharing power and using persuasion rather than coercion.
  • They won’t fail if they build community, promoting a sense of belonging, work collaboratively and value differences.