In my book, LIES That Limit, and when I speak to audiences, my goal is to help people let go of limiting beliefs and strengthen their belief in themselves. contributor John Addison offers 5 ways to bolster belief in yourself.

  • Examine your thoughts. They are shaped by the people you spend time with and the media you consume. Align these influencers with who you want to be.
  • Take small steps. Break your aspirations down into achievable daily goals that you can check off. This will reduce that sense of overwhelm.
  • Change your mindset. Consciously choose to shut down negative chatter and replace it with positive self-talk.
  • Go for it. Don’t waste time worrying and what-if-ing. Do what you need to do to get it done.
  • Finally, rein it in. Don’t be boastful or a know-it-all. Healthy humility comes from knowing that no one is a big deal, we all have tremendous value.