Making Valentine’s Day Meaningful Again

Is this your Valentine’s Day routine?

Pick up a card.  Check.

Order flowers.  Check.

Buy heart-shaped box of chocolates.  Check.

Make dinner reservations.  Check – unless you waited too late and can’t get in anywhere your valentine would enjoy.

Valentine’s Day has become rote for many – particularly if you’ve been together for a good while.  Here are five ways to put your heart back into Valentine’s Day with unique and special gifts that create lasting memories, new traditions, and some even save you money.

Write a Valentine’s Day card rather than buy one. Share your true feelings with your loved one.  Not sure what to write?  How about thanking them for something special they’ve done for you recently.  Point out qualities about them that you love and admire.  Use one of your just-between-you, loving shared memories as inspiration.  Or if you’re still drawing a blank, visit the card store to get your love poem juices flowing.

Do something your honey loves, but that you’ve been reluctant to share in. Is the ballet not your thing, you can stick it out for one night just for her.  Make his favorite artery-clogging meal without reminding him that it’s going to kill him or a favorite dish that takes more time than you’ve been able to spare lately.

Send the kids away or hire an overnight babysitter so you can take a one-on-one night out or overnight trip. Commit to a special night just for the two of you.  Splurge if you can afford it and go some where that you’ll feel pampered.  This will create a Valentine’s Day memory that will last way longer than a bouquet of flowers.  If a hotel isn’t in the budget, consider spending the night with friends who’ll let you sleep late, undisturbed.

Make a pledge. If you can’t make your plans a reality on Valentine’s Day, pledge it so you can plan it together.  Give your sweetie a certificate or promissory note for this special gift and make sure you include an end-date.  Otherwise, life will start back up and it could easily get lost in the shuffle of every day.

Give a box of “gift cards” to be redeemed at any time – they never expire. Into a sturdy box or envelope, place blank slips of paper with the following instructions:  “Your wish is my command.  Write it down, give it to me and it will be fulfilled within 48 hours.”  Or write out the gifts you want to give and place them inside the box.  For example:

  • A back rub
  • A foot massage
  • A night of pillow talk
  • A neck message
  • A night of dancing at home to our old favorites
  • I’ll tell you why I love you
  • I’ll tell you what I really like about you
  • A favor of your choosing
  • A secret I never told you
  • Your favorite homemade meal
  • I would like you to_______
  • Tell me ______
  • I want ______

Build intimacy and a sense of true specialness that’s not dictated by what the masses say you should want or do.  Make your Valentine Day truly personal and meaningful.

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