Here are four quick tips from Harvard Business Review that can help you adapt to the unusual work conditions sparked by the Coronavirus.

  • Try to accept that each coworker copes differently.  Some might be optimistic and others pessimistic.  Some may have trouble finding a quiet place to work or be worried about older relatives.  Circumstances for each person vary, so does the impact of the crisis on their life.  
  • Acknowledge how you’re feeling.  Avoid hurt feelings by explaining why you might be behaving differently. 
  • Be generous in your interpretations.  A curt email might not mean the sender is annoyed or being rude.  Imagine they are under pressure and don’t have time for niceties.  
  • Take time to connect.  These new dynamics can fracture relationships, which means they also provide a reason to check on co-workers.  Signaling that you’re in this together can be a supportive, unifying gesture.