For more women to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, more men must sponsor them.  If you’ve already identified your protégé, set her up with a stretch project.  Make sure she understands how it will help her and the company.  

Then, according to Harvard Business Review:

  • Provide development and support.  Invest time, expertise, resources and money to build the skills and experiences she needs to be successful.  Connect her with a mentor, leadership coach and job-related training.   
  • Pave the way by introducing her to influential and powerful people in your organization or industry.  
  • Ensure she receives candid, performance-based feedback that is actionable and tied to business outcomes, even if you’re not the one giving it. 
  • Help her persist.  Don’t let criticism, mistakes, failures or naysayers derail her. Be patient and understanding because success is a building process – assignment after assignment.