People are the heart of business. Their intellect, positive energy, drive, mutual respect and commitment contribute to a healthy workplace and a business’ ability to thrive in its marketplace.

On days when we’re firing on all cylinders, it’s easy to deliver our best.  On days when we feel off, not properly focused, we need to press the reset button. 

Here are two quick ways to refresh yourself: 

  • Get up from your chair.  Stretch for a minute.  Stand during your next meeting on Zoom, Teams or the phone. 
  • Take a moment and turn your attention inward by breathing deeply.  Breathe in to a count of 4.  Hold for a count of 4.  Breathe out to a count of 4.  Repeat that cycle 4 times and you’ll feel more relaxed and centered, and more energized.

Self-care is a necessity if you intend to be primed to bring your best to what you do every day. Reset and refresh whenever needed.