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Frequently, when conducting data gathering interviews for qualitative 360s, I’ve noticed raters self-reflecting and assessing their own behavior.  The conversation makes them think.

In a recent interview, the boss was describing the person he was rating as “easily distracted.”  All the while, the boss’ computer was dinging, signaling the arrival of email.  Each time it toned, he swiveled in chair, glanced over his shoulder to have a peek.  About 20 minutes into our conversation, and his swiveling to look at the computer screen, he laughed and said, “I guess I’m pretty distracted too.  Give me a second.”  He turned to his desktop clicked on “Settings” and tuned off the tone.

What lesson does his behavior hold for you?  A lesson about your potentially distracting behaviors?  A reminder about how often, the faults and failings we see in others are also true present in our behavior?  Or both?

  1. On Friday, 05-23-14, while listening to KYW (News Radio / Phila. PA) THG’s topic concerned that when the manager who evaluates others (in the workplace) should self examine and pick “a fault” within themselves and work to correct it. “To request a transcript, go to”. My problem is “which particular transcript am I looking for?
    Thank you.

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