When the clients, individuals or organizations I work with want to improve in any area, I often take them through exercises designed to open their eyes to the ways in which they’re already doing part of what they say is needed. With that awareness, the focus shifts from “all the ways we’re falling short” to, “we know how to do this. With greater frequency and consistency, how can we do what we already know how to do?”

Just about every company is thinking through how they’ll survive or thrive in this age of increasingly rapid change. As you target areas for change in your organization, or within yourself, instead of traveling down the track of all you’re doing wrong, adopt a more affirmative approach. Seek out examples of situations where what you want to create aligns with what already exists. This will help you shift your perspective to a mindset and viewpoint that can make your goals more easily attainable. You’ll shake free of the limiting LIES (Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories) that unconsciously sponsor thoughts and feelings that undermine your ability – yours and your team’s – to make change happen. Thoughts like it’s too difficult, or that’s out of reach, or we’ll never be able to do that; not here.

When you and your team are working to improve the way you operate, make a conscious choice to rethink where you are in relationship to the change you seek. Focus on evidence that demonstrates present-day-capacity to be and do exactly what’s desired. Then, the work becomes to be and do more of that, more frequently.