Over the last five years, the U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in the number of freelancers and consultants.  Harvard Business Review reports that in 2018, one in three people fell into this category. But, as liberating as freelancing may sound, it also comes with a lot of challenges, inclusive of a great deal of unpredictability and volatility.

For example, freelancers must manage their own financial security. Yet, it’s common to hear people talk about the feast or famine nature of going it alone.  Freelancers must manage or fund all back-room activities. Organizational and administrative work – like billing and scheduling— cuts into available billable hours…and even leisure time

Your brand, which communicates your value proposition to clients, is as important for freelancers as it is for large companies with established reputations. Yet, all that’s involved in establishing and managing your brand falls to you, the freelancer.  Are you up for the challenge?


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