According to New York Times contributor Jessica Bennett, research shows that it’s hard for women to say no at work, which in turn, takes time away from tasks that increase their visibility.  But two groups of women are addressing this problem.

“The No Club” was founded by a professor at NYU who noticed that women would confidently advise others, but not take their own advice.  So, she and two colleagues helped one another decide when to say “no,” and how to say it politely, to time wasters, as well as how to say  “no” in order to position themselves for a more favorable situation to which they would say “yes.” writes about the “I Just Can’t Say No Club,” which was started by a Carnegie Mellon Professor overwhelmed by too many favors and non-promotable tasks.  She and other club members have learned to stop, think and ask themselves, “What will I give up if I say yes to this?”