Do you labor under the Illusion that IQ drives effectiveness?  For most roles, IQ and technical skills are important entry-level requirements.  But, once you rise to the level of managing and leading, Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is what sets you apart.

No doubt, IQ may predict whether you’re capable of handling the cognitive challenges associated with your position.  Emotional Intelligence, on the other hand, is more predictive of whom, among a group of smart, talented, top-notch professionals, in a technically demanding field, will be the strongest and most effective leader.

In his groundbreaking research with 188 large corporations, Daniel Goleman found leaders with high Emotional Intelligence were 20% more productive and profitable than their counterparts.  That’s a substantial difference – a difference that will get you noticed, valued and rewarded!

Research also shows that, at all job levels, Emotional Intelligence is twice as important as your technical and cognitive skills.

Here are 5 practices that will help you strengthen your emotional intelligence – a set of personal skills identified as key drivers of outstanding performance. Integrating them into the way you think and behave will differentiate you from the masses – that large group of average performers – and make you stand out like a star.  

Master these practices and you’ll also enhance the level of trust on your team, feel more connected to the people you work with day-to-day, and you’ll convey expectations with clarity, confidence and compassion.

Yes.  Intelligence, vision, initiative, strategic planning and a willingness to take risks continue to be required.  But, for stellar levels of productivity and profitability, understanding yourself and others, working well with everyone around you and leading change effectively – all components of Emotional Intelligence – are your golden keys to success.

For more on this well-researched and documented concept, read Daniel Goleman’s Harvard Business Review article titled, “What Makes a Leader.”

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