Is there a story you’d like to share that will inspire others to shed the LIES™ that are limiting them so they can live a richer, fuller life?

Are you proud of the work you’ve done and the progress you’ve made in living the life you were born to live?  Do you want to others to grow from lessons you’ve learn in relationships, your career, your self-image or in dealing with the expectations of others?

Here’s your chance to share your story with the growing LIES That Limit™ community. LIES that Limit™ is about empowering people to strip away the many LABELS, ILLUSIONS, EXCUSES AND STORIES that keep us from loving and being loved for Spirit of Purpose™ we truly are.

To be a LIES that Limit™ Guest Blogger, here’s all you have to do:

  • Submit your story (must be 500 words or less).*
  • Provide a photo of you that can be used with your blog post.**
  • If you mention someone else in your story, please make sure you have their permission before submitting it to LIES That Limit™.
  • Email your story and photo to
  • When story is posted, thrill in the excitement of sharing your blog post with your “Friends” and “Followers.”

That’s it!

Everyone has a story to tell, and here’s a chance to tell yours!

Looking forward to blogging with you!


*LIES that Limit has the right to edit your story.  Submission does not guarantee that your blog entry will be posted.  Postings will be subject to the review and approval of the LIES That Limit™ team.

** By submitting your photo and blog content, you are giving LIES that Limit permission to publish your image and your story.

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