Relax-&-Be-YourselfI tweeted a quote @SpiritOfPurpose that got attention.  People re-tweeted it and saved it as a favorite.  The tweet was a Chinese proverb that says, “Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.”

I don’t know what about the quote appealed to those who retweeted it or tagged it a favorite, but it encourages me to relax and be my true self – more specifically, to accept myself without self-condemnation, self-disapproval or self-criticism. It reminds me to not attack myself with a barrage of “shoulds, would haves, could haves.”

Relaxing and being who you are is not being lazy or settling for less than you can be.  As I write about in my book, LIES That Limit, it’s about accepting who you knew you wanted to be before others talked you out of your awareness of your purpose and uniqueness.   LIES — which stands for labels, illusions, excuses and stories  — are powerful forces that silently pull us away from our true selves and toward what others believe is best for us.  The intentions of others may be good, but in the long run, we pay the price.  We suffer the consequences of forcing ourselves into careers and relationships that stifle our true gifts.  We ignore our inner voice. We push the talent we’re born with back into the shadows.  We discount what our heart desires.

My work focuses on helping people align their heart and head.  Think of that familiar saying, “When you’re doing what you love, you never work a day in your life.”  Those are the sentiments of people whose hearts and heads are aligned.  Day to day, they’re using their natural talents – the ones they were born with.  Although there are challenges in whatever they do, the challenges pale in comparison to the satisfaction they get from using and developing their strengths and natural abilities.

Stop trying to be who and what others say.  Relax and be who you really are.  Not sure where to start?  Pick up a copy of my book LIES That Limit: Uncover The Truth Of Who You Really Are and you’ll find tools, exercises and new practices that will guide you to your true self. LIES That Limit is available in paperback for only $12.95 or just $5.95 for e-readers at and

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