Where does your company stand?

Do you consider your company to be an incumbent or a disruptor?  Is your company the stalwart in your marketplace? Or the insurgent, looking to change the way your industry conducts business.   According to the Insurgence Group’s Rondo Moses, if you’re not disrupting, you’re likely in trouble.

The evidence:  fifty-five percent of companies on today’s S&P 500 weren’t there fifteen years ago. Sixty-seven percent of the companies on the “Dow 30” fifteen years ago have fallen off.  Giants like Eastman Kodak and US Steel have been replaced by Netflix and Paypal.  

What sets insurgents apart from incumbents is their intense focus on satisfying customer needs better than any other market option.  They deliver differentiated solutions that create loyal customers and new sources of revenue.  Even if you’re not among the business elite, or traded on the stock market, you should take notice.