Are you addicted to your devices? Never without them? Do you respond reflexively to every beep, buzz and ding? Researchers at Australia’s James Cook University recently noted the rising market for digital-device free holidays. So, if you’re fatigued by technology’s ever-present intrusion into your life, take a digital-free vacation or staycation. This expanding approach is a sign of the times.

While often viewed as a luxury, disconnecting doesn’t have to be. Just unplug for 12 hours, a full day, or a weekend. Use the device-free break to breathe, relax, regain your center. We need to disconnect in order to be recharged when we reconnect.

Digital detox vacations are gaining popularity, and you don’t have to leave home and go off the grid to benefit. Make a plan and take a self-imposed digital detox. You may decide to make it a regular part of your self-care regimen.