In response to last week’s blog post “Does A Better Life Mean More?” Rasa Kaye Brittain shared this photo and story about her talented, go-get ’em daughter Aleks.  It perfectly illustrates the joy that comes with fully experiencing the special moments in our lives.

“Just read your blog post about being aware of the moment. I’ve attached a photo of Aleks at the National Solo Ice Dance Championships at the boards at the World Arena in Colorado Springs as they were resurfacing the ice for her championship round. We had urged her to remember this trip, the achievement she worked so hard for, and to not let it slip by in a blur.  TAKE IN HER MOMENT!

We actually got a picture of her doing just that — her coach is behind her, just the two of them at the boards while all the other competitors and coaches were down the tunnel getting/giving pep talks and the zamboni was rolling. This is exactly what you wrote about!”

Thanks for sharing Aleks’ story with us, Mom!  The look on her face is truly priceless.

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