I was horrified by the Boston Marathon bombings, as was everyone with whom I spoke.  Recently, I received an email from a dear friend, Bonnie St. John, who has been working directly with those who were unalterably affected.  An amputee since the age of 5, Bonnie is one who surmounts the LIES  that, too often, limit others.  Today, she’s seeking to help do the same for countless others.

I feel compelled to share with you what Bonnie, amputee, author, speaker and Para-Olympics ski champion, wrote:

Bonnie St. John & Boston Bomb Victim Mery Daniel

“The moment I heard about the tragedy at the marathon, I was struck by the volume of amputations as a result of the bombing and I knew I had to help…The good news is that most of the victims were able to rally an amazing amount of support – both emotionally and financially – to help get them through this ordeal…however, one of the amputees, Mery, doesn’t have much family around her, has no private health insurance, and isn’t very savvy about how the system works.  

Mery lost her left leg above the knee, and her right leg is severely damaged. Among other things, she will have to relocate from her walk-up apartment, get extra support in caring for her five-year-old daughter, and will need a lot of help to pay for her continuing hospital bills, rehab, prosthetics, and more.  I immediately felt…I needed to rally a support team to help give her the opportunities she deserves.

Boston Bomb Victim Mery DanielI sincerely hope you can help me help this lovely woman.  Mery has a bright smile, and a warm, wonderful personality.  I’m happy to report that, after three weeks, she was able to stand and take her first steps with a walker. She was SO excited!  All of us on “Team Mery” cheered for her!   We know Mery’s life will never be the same, but we can come together as a community to create the best possible future for her.  Please join us in our goal of raising $500,000 at gofundme.com/merydaniel or merydaniel.com.”  

If you feel so moved, please share words of encouragement with Mery, or make a donation – large or small – to assist with her care and rehabilitation.  All support, in any form, is deeply appreciated.

Join me in helping Mery feel the power of what it means to be surrounded by those who are Spirits of Purpose – those who are compassionate and consciously use their power and resources to be a force for good in the world.

Thank you.


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