Skydiver-smWhether at work or at home, if you’re feeling flat, disinterested, or stuck in a rut, that means it’s time for a change.  Make a move.  Shake up your energy.  Identify constructive actions that will help you to feel alive, vital and vibrant.

This will likely mean stepping outside your comfort zone, but that may be exactly what you need to feel alive.  Psychologist Abraham Maslow said, “You’ll either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety.”  Those words were true when he spoke them, and they remain so today.

Growth requires courage and the willingness to take a risk.  An action can feel like a risk because it’s unfamiliar and the outcome is unpredictable.  Yet, when we take a breath and plunge into the unknown, that action can lead to tremendous growth, satisfaction and a boost in self-esteem.  Sometimes growth comes from simply mustering the courage to act.  At other times learning, new perspective and maturity is borne out of what we learn as a consequence of the action we took.

Playing it safe can be seen as wise, and sometimes it is.  Yet, in many instances, we play it too safe, becoming the stone around our own neck…the impediment to our own success.  Expand your comfort zone.  Step forward and grow.

But, before you go skydiving, you should start by getting to know your thoughts and feelings – the ones that exist a level or two beneath your sense of fatigue, boredom and desire to withdraw.  Think of your mind and emotions as an onion.  On the outside is the dried up, crusty layer.  To get closer to the core, the heart of the matter, down to the juicy truth, you’ll have to peel back several layers.

Do so by spending a little time alone – just you and your journal.  Get quiet and contemplate these two questions:  “Why am I feeling…(name the feeling)?  What is …(name the feeling) here to teach me?” Jot down the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that come into your awareness.

Explore your mind and emotions, in search of your deeper truth.  Then take steps toward expanding your boundaries, pushing past your border patrol.  When you uncover and listen to your inner wisdom, what results may surprise you.

Learn the secret to getting out of your own way and effortlessly marching toward the life you deserve.  My book “LIES That Limit” provides the roadmap you need to start living a life of authentic truth and happiness TODAY.


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