As we continue to honor Black History Month – a celebration of liberation, freedom and achievement – how do you define liberty and freedom?  Are they the same or different?

In this country, we all have liberty – basic legal rights – but fewer of us are really free.

Nelson Mandela provides a great example of the difference between liberty and freedom.  Though incarcerated, he was free in ways that many of us are not.  He was his powerful Self – true to his passions and commitments.  He was even an influential leader among those who guarded him.  He didn’t live into the label, prisoner. Nor did he make excuses for not fulfilling his calling with, “I can’t.  They won’t let me.”  No stories or words of hatred and judgment.  No illusions of lack and limitation.  A leader throughout his life – before prison, while incarcerated, and after release – his presence made the world a better place.  That’s the job before each of us…to make the world better for ourselves, and others.

But, too many of us are bound by LIES™ – Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories.  We have liberty, but freedom to be our true Self is curtailed, short-circuited by the power of fear and cultural conditioning.  LIES™ limit our courage and options.

To be free is to have the courage to move boldly and confidently in the direction of our honorable dreams, consciously accepting the consequences of our choices.  Most of us recoil from moving in the direction of our desires – even those that call to us from the depth of our being.  The LIES™ we live diminish our clarity.  They leave us feeling confused and uncertain.  LIES™ deplete our energy and compromise our sense of worth.

What about you? Do you have liberty and freedom? Are you attuned to your sense of higher purpose?  Do you act in alignment with your inner wisdom and guidance?  Are you living the Spirit and Purpose of Black History Month?

No one is immune to limiting LIES.  Your truth can only emerge when you begin to identify and tackle the LIES that govern your thinking.  Let “LIES That Limit, Uncover the Truth of Who You Really Are” set you on the path to happiness and the genuine satisfaction that comes with living your true Purpose.

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