Did you know that our bodies can hold on to emotional experiences in ways that close us off from our potential?

We each have our unique set of patterned responses to life’s emotional, mental and physical experiences, including its stressors and challenges.  Our habitual ways of coping and dealing with the stuff of life were formed very early on in our formative years.  Many of our responses are spot-on, healthy and constructive. And some are less helpful. Some of our habits make us our own worst enemy.  This is especially true when our response is unnecessarily defensive or self-protective, a pattern that exists in all of us to one degree or another, blocks the free flow of our creative energy and courage to take risks and approach life with boldness and an open heart.  This blocked energy can lead to misdirected anger, depression, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships and other issues that make life way less than satisfactory.

Research in the field of neuro-biology shows that body-centered modalities are highly effective in dealing with these issues as well as sexual dysfunction.  One such modality is Core Energetics – a practice designed to free blocked energy and release tension in our bodies that is the result of emotional or mental trauma.  Our emotional responses to trauma are not just psychological. They’re also somatic and powerfully anchored in our physical body.

The late Dr. John Pierrakos, the pioneer who founded the Institute for Core Energetics, was devoted to developing a body work practice that creates awareness of these blocked energy patterns.  Practicing Core Energetics helps mobilize stuck energy, which, quite surprisingly, transforms belief systems, coping mechanisms and our emotional responses.

Think about your own habitual patterns – those that support you in being your best, and those that work against you.  Many of them, if not all, have been a part of your repertoire for most of your life. Often, the emotionally defining event, happened when you were young and the physical manifestation of that emotional experience has lingered, though hardly noticeable. That lingering manifestation is energy that is frozen, unconsciously held, blocked from moving and flowing freely. The physical manifestation of that blocked energy is your daily headache, neck tension, feeling of being underground, not-quite-present, insecure, indecisive, too afraid to take a risk, not sure how to build and sustain healthy relationships. That blocked energy is keeping you from achieving your true potential.

If any of this sounds like what you experience, the effects of Core Energetics work can generate radical change.  It increases self-awareness – a key component of emotional intelligence.  It can reduce stress, make you feel more grounded and help you tune-in to your real self and deeper motivations for certain behaviors.

It’s a great practice to add to your Yoga and meditation work. Like Yoga and Meditation, Core Energetics is a perfect addition to your self-improvement, self-awareness practices.  Best of all, it’s a natural, healthy way to boost energy and improve your mental and emotional health.

To help determine if you might benefit from Core Energetics, try this simple exercise.  Close your eyes and tune-in to your body.  Scan your entire body slowly for areas where you feel free and loose, and areas where you’re holding tension.  Start at the top of your head and work your way down.  Is there tension in your neck, side or back?  How about in your arms or legs?  Or is your body completely relaxed and free of tightness.

The practice of Core Energetics takes you through physical movements and body work, and profound dialogue, that brings awareness and insights, and helps you release known and hidden tensions and limiting beliefs.  As a trained and certified Core Energetics Therapist I’ve personally seen how this work can change a person’s outlook, energy and drive.  It releases the invisible forces that hamper our progress and stifle our growth.

Interested in learning more?  A special introductory weekend will take place July 28-30 at the Institute for Core Energetics in New York City. Experience potent energetic techniques that can help you open the flow of your creative energy, and create shifts in the way you think and feel that support profound changes in how you experience the life you create.

No matter where you are in your personal journey of self-awareness, this special weekend will help you take the next step. The intensive includes classes that will help you understand the theory behind Core Energetics and how to apply it to your life.

Core Energetics Institute Senior faculty members will deliver this truly life-changing learning experience. It promises to be personally challenging, enriching and exciting.

Find out more about the Core Energetics Introductory Weekend, July 28th through the 30th in New York City by visiting coreenergetics.org.