Personal Coaching

    • Enhance your self-awareness and be more emotionally intelligent.
    • Deepen your knowledge of all parts of yourself – the known and familiar, as well as the unconscious and hidden dimensions.
    • Examine the impact of your choices on your happiness and success, as well as at home and at work.
    • Strengthen your conviction to pursue your dreams.


Would a little or a lot of support help you live better now?  Support from someone who is behind you, at your back, challenging you, cheering you on, helping you hold yourself accountable for doing what you say you want to do?  Do you need someone who will listen to you, nor judge you or tell you what to do?  Do you need an objective ally who will help you think things through, clarify your sense of purpose and create a sensible, bold action plan for achieving your goals and living your dreams?

People who are coached develop enhanced self-awareness, improve their ability to set goals, create a more balanced life, and lower their stress level.  Those are the kind of results we all could benefit from.

Achieve your vision and goals through learning, action and personal transformation?  Teressa offers one-time conversations or regularly scheduled sessions.

Find out if personal coaching is truly for you.  The first 15-minute consultation is FREE.

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