How to Give Your Brain Something Different To Focus On

If your job feels all-consuming and you have difficulty leaving it behind at the end of the day, here are three ways you can disconnect fully to recharge.

  • Join a team. Find an activity you enjoy and join the group. Whether it’s dragon boating, kickball, softball, a running or cycling club, a line dancing class or a team of volunteers, you’ll become part of a community that forces you to expend your energy on something other than work.
  • Read books. Escape into another world so your brain can switch gears and shut down the nagging work-related scripts playing in your head.
  • Take classes that bring you joy. Cooking, winetasting, basket weaving or what ever you want to learn more about. Classes stimulate and refocus your mind. They give you a convenient excuse to clock out. A hard stop to the end of your day can make you more efficient and help you avoid stretching projects out due to the illusion of an infinite time horizon.


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